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Osteopathy & Pregnancy OsteopathyPain

Osteopathy & Pregnancy

Supporting your body during pregnancy with osteopathy Osteopathy is a safe and effective way to support your body during pregnancy. We are very privileged to play a role in being able to safely treat musculoskeletal pain associated with pregnancy as well as provide education, reassurance, and support for our patients across all trimesters of pregnancy and beyond. Did you know…
Byron Central Osteo
March 27, 2023
TMJ Dysfunction BodyPain

TMJ Dysfunction

Do you get jaw pain or clicking? Do you also suffer from headaches or neck pain? In this blog we’re focusing on our joints in the jaw – what we use them for, how these joints can cause issues and what we at Byron Central Osteopathy can do to help you. A bit of anatomy… The mandible (also known as…
June 2, 2022